Canada’s immigration policy promotes family reunification. Canada’s sponsorship programs under family class are one of the most generous in the world. The government of Canada is committed to keeping families together whenever possible. Eligible Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens can apply to reunite with their family members. Sponsorship application can be made for family members living outside Canada as well as a spouse or common-law partner (includes same-sex partners), who currently resides in Canada with their sponsor on a temporary permit. 

For a successful sponsorship application, the most important factor is the relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored. The sponsor needs to financially support all of his or her family members including those already in Canada. Every year, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) publishes the Minimum Necessary Income (MNI) and Low-Income cut-off (LICO) levels. Some relationships are exempt from financial obligations.

Persons who qualify under the family class to be sponsored include:

  • Spouse, Common-law or Conjugal partner,
  • Dependent children
  • Parents and Grandparents
  • Certain relatives in special circumstances.

All sponsors must sign an undertaking to provide the sponsored individual with basic requirements from the time they arrive in Canada until the term of the undertaking terminates. This undertaking is a legal contract between the sponsor(s) and IRCC that the sponsor will repay the government for any social assistance payments made to the sponsored individual.


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